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Please read before submitting entry!

If you are mailing an entry it must be received by April 10, 2022, see below for info. Please note, once limit is reached mailed entries may not be accepted if we do not have an electronically submitted registration on file beforehand.

Don't forget to sign up for CGC and Trick Dog and earn multiple titles in one day!

Remember, you must pass two events for a title, but both tests can be completed the same day

Returned Checks do not constitute a valid entry and will be subject to a $35 collection fee. Owners are responsible for errors in making out entry forms and no entry will be refunded in the event of such errors or cancellation of entries after the published closing date. Please type or print clearly & carefully the information on entry forms to eliminate errors. The Event Secretary is not responsible for illegible (in the opinion of the EventSec) entry form information.

AKC Canine Partners Application

Farm Dog Certified Title Application

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