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Deposit and   Health Guarantee


We do understand that getting a puppy is a big decision.  Should you not be able to accept a puppy from the current litter your deposit may be transferred.  If we should cancel the transaction for any reason, your deposit will be refunded to you.  We accept deposits on two males and two females before the litter is born, should a preference of sex not be available for that litter, your deposit will be transferred.  Once the litter has been born and a deposit has been made on that litter, the deposit becomes fully non-refundable.  We currently only accept deposits for confirmed litters, but if you wish to make a deposit to be added to a "secure" wait list, please contact us.


We guarantee that the puppy will arrive to you free from communicable disease however, there are many things a puppy can contract prior to the completion of its vaccination series. We recommend keeping your puppy at home and limiting you and your family's outings to places like parks and places where dogs frequent until your puppy has received it's entire puppy vaccination series. This is an effort to minimize your puppy's exposure to disease. This includes pet stores and the vet. Avoid putting your dog down outside or inside the vet office until they are fully vaccinated. There are no other implied warranties. It is recommended that the purchaser arrange for a veterinarian examination of the pup within the first three days after the date of physical transfer of the pup for a health checkup.  Should the veterinarian determine this dog to be in ill health, the cause of which is clearly attributable to the Seller, this dog may, upon presentation of a written diagnosis from said veterinarian, be returned for a refund of purchase price.

Vaccinations:  The Weimaraner Club of America has established a special protocol for vaccinating Weimaraner puppies due to immuno-deficiency problems in this breed.  BUYERS agree to have their veterinarian administer a series of vaccinations for parvo/distemper, rabies and other recommended vaccinations, strictly following the treatment schedule furnished with the puppy and attached.  If the series is not continued and strictly administered using the protocol as outlined, the health guarantee described above shall become null and void. Buyer has been provided vaccination records and a copy of the WCA Policy on Vaccinating Weimaraners.

Do not give additional vaccines! No lyme or leptosporosis, Weimaraners can have a bad immune reaction to these.  

The pups hips are warrantied to pass OFA at 2 years of age.  If the OFA recommends an additional x-ray in 6 months to issue a certification the owner will re x-ray the dog. The majority of dogs who are re x-rayed come back with a certification.

We strongly recommend preliminary x-rays at 12 months. If the owner's vet suspects a problem with the hips, the owner or his vet should send the x-rays to the OFA and ask for a preliminary opinion. A copy of the x-ray must be sent to Devine Weims before the dog is replaced. If we determine that the positioning is bad on the x-ray, we will not accept that x-ray as grounds for a replacement dog.  Some Veterinarians do not know how to properly position a dog for an x-ray and being out of position even a little can cause a false negative reading.

It is important to understand that there is a possibility that a puppy from our kennel can develop hip dysplasia, even though every dog we breed has had it's hips x-rayed and has good hips.  But this does not change the fact that Weimaraners all have the ability to produce an occasional bad hips in their off spring. The only way to get a 100% guarantee that a dog does not have bad hips is to purchase an adult dog and have the hips x-rayed before the purchase.

Hip dysplasia has four major causes:

  1. •genetics

  2. •diet

  3. •over feeding

  4. •too much exercise at a young age

It is felt that genetics play between a 25% and 30% role in a dog having hip dysplasia. This means that new owners can assume a great deal of responsibility (70% to 75%) in their dog developing good hips.

This begins with feeding an appropriate diet. It also means that you should keep your dog lean. Carrying too much weight at a young age is going to add stress on soft puppy bones and ultimately negatively effects skeletal development of a young dog.

New owners need to be very careful of over exercising a pup. This means no jogging until after the dog is 12 months old. This mean not exercising to the point of exhaustion, or taking the pup for long long walks. Around the block is fine, a 2 mile walk is not fine.

In addition We will only replace a pup once. If someone gets two pups from my kennel and both have bad hips, then that person is doing something wrong in the way they raise their dogs and we will not cover any additional replacements.

If a preliminary x-ray or an OFA x-ray is done and the local vet feels that the hips are not going to pass OFA , then the vet must send the x-rays to my kennel with the paperwork. We will send the x-rays onto the OFA after reviewing them. If the local vet does not want to do this, then the owner must ask for a copy of the x-rays so they can be sent to Devine Weims. No dog will be replaced without us viewing a set of the x-rays. There is NO EXCEPTION to this policy. We must be certain we are not replacing dogs with good hips based on a local vets or a customers opinion.

If the dog does have bad hips We need to see the x-ray to determine what level of problem exists. This information is used to determine what actually happens to the dog. (i.e. are the hips so bad that the animal will be in pain and it should be put to sleep, or are the hips not good enough to breed but it can live a normal life as a family dog).

The hip warranty is non transferable. If the dog is to be replaced, it must be returned to Devine Weims(at the owners expense). There are no exceptions to this rule. The replacement puppy will be selected by us and in our determination will be of equal or better quality. Our warranty is a replacement puppy warranty and NOT a money back warranty. We do NOT refund money on replacement dogs.

Puppies come with 30 days insurance through your choice of AKC or Trupanion as well as discounted plans.  Trupanion offer needs to be activated within 24 hours and offers buyer waived activation fee, 30 day worry free guarantee (Buyers get a full refund if they cancel within the first 30 days and Trupanion has’t paid out a claim).


The buyer agrees that the Seller may repossess the animal upon evidence of neglect and/or abuse at no expense to the Seller, and no refund of any monies will be given. 

The Buyer agrees that the puppy will NOT be left alone in backyard or kennel only.  The Buyer agrees that the puppy will reside inside the home of the Buyer, and not be chained or “tied out”.  

Buyers agree to use the name “Devine” as a prefix on the AKC registration papers.  

Seller will complete AKC registration for Buyer with Buyer’s choice of name WITH Devine as a prefix, Buyer may not include their name or another kennel name and registration name is subject to approval.


Puppies are sold as a pet/companion dogs; Devine Weims does not sell brood bitches or stud dogs (unless otherwise arranged). They are sold with the AKC Limited Registration, which states this dog may be registered, but any offspring resulting from mating will not be.  

Buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered by the time it is of at least 12-14 months of age (after females first heat, specific age to be discussed and agreed upon regarding individual dogs) and provide Seller with verification of such. 

The Buyer agrees to use a quick release collar on the puppy for a minimum of 3 months.  Avoid using dangling tags, riveted or slide on ID tags are recommended.

Slide tags from Amazon

There will be a grace period of one week from weaning (8 weeks) for the Buyer to pick up their puppy.  If the Buyer needs the puppy boarded beyond that time, there will be a $20/day fee for housing, feeding, training, and continued vaccinations during that time period.

Your puppy's food should always be wet with cool or warm water throughout their lifetime to avoid megaesophogus and bloat.  Continue to increase their food intake as they grow, keeping a little extra weight for when they hit a growth spurt until they reach maturity.

Do not use large breed dog food, it is meant to slow growth.

We start puppies on NutriSource Small and Medium Breed Puppy and recommend feeding puppy food for 1 year, at which point NutriSource offers a wide variety of flavors that you can rotate into your dog's diet.  Adding raw to their diet provides certain nutrients and enzymes that are baked out during the high heat process in making kibble.

Properly crate train your puppy before they are left unattended in a crate for ANY period of time.  If you have any concerns at all about the progress of crate training, please contact Devine Weims or consult a professional dog trainer.

Devine Weims takes extreme care in placing a puppy into its new home.  Each perspective puppy owner is required to complete the questionnaire in its entirety and we may have follow up questions.  Just as we want to ensure the puppy finds the perfect forever home, we also want each new puppy family to know that they're just that, we are available for advice and help for the life of the puppy, or just to receive any and all photos you want to share with us!

We do require a deposit to hold puppies once we have confirmed there is a puppy available for you.  This deposit is only refundable in the case that something were to happen and the puppy is no longer available, we are serious about our weims and we expect that our future puppy homes are as well, so once you decide to make a commitment we want to know that you are fully on board.

Please note that a completed questionnaire also does not guarantee a puppy, we do have a waitlist and spots open up usually because the timing is not right for the families on our list.  We always welcome applications to join our waitlist and you will be notified if puppies become availalble.

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